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Fiberoptic Connector Measuring Interferometers
Welcome to DORC's Remote Log-in Support Page.

Please read the following carefully, and then click the button below to initiate a remote customer support session. This will allow us to access your PC and fix many problems remotely. We typically operate on United States Eastern Standard Time (EST) and depending on your location and time zone, the technician may link immediately - or several hours later. Since we are working with live video, please use the fastest possible internet connection!!

NOTE: Much of the remote support we offer is performed on a complementary basis, however, on systems that are not under warranty (or where the problem is self induced) - it is possible that a remote support session will result in charges. By initiating the session, you are agreeing to pay any applicable charges.

Click on the button below to download the support applet - it will only take a few seconds!

Locate and double click on the downloaded file - then click the RUN button highlighted in green below:

Install Remote Support RUN Command

The DORC Remote Support screen below will then be visible:

Be sure to enter your unique PASSWORD (in this example 55q3dt), along with a clear description of your problem in the box highlighted in GREEN above - and click SEND. Until you do this we CANNOT access your computer!!

After connecting, please leave the PC turned ON, with a PC connector inserted in the chuck - and (if possible) fringes visible. Since we may well be on different time zones, there may be a several hours lag between you connecting, and support starting. Please be patient!! Additionally, if your PC is set to logout after a period of inactivity, you MUST disable this feature to allow us to connect!


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