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Fiberoptic Connector Measuring Interferometers
Dorc's Global Sales Network

The following is a list of DORC's authorized representatives worldwide. All of these companies provide sales, service and support for our products in the territories listed. If you cannot locate a local representative, please contact DORC® directly.


Simac Electronics Contact: Mr. Rens Hooymayers
Eindstraat 53 - 5151 AE Drunen Tel: +31-(0)416-387700
Postbus 89 - 5150 AB Drunen Fax: +31-(0)416-387707
The Netherlands e-mail: RensH@Simacelectronics.nl
  URL: www.simacelectronics.nl

Hong Kong & Mainland China

ComStar Communications Ltd. Contact: Mr. Patrick Fan
Unit 9A, Union Hing Yip Building Tel: +852-2536-9737 / 9757 2776
20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong
Fax: +852-2536-9978
Kowloon e-mail: patrick-fan@hk.comstarcom.com
Hong Kong URL: www.comstarcom.com


Top Speed International Limited Contact: Mr. Oscar Chong
Flat E, 10/F, Wing Hin Building
Tel: +852-37412028
31-33 Ng Fong Street
Fax: +852-36905672
San Po Kong KLN, Hong Kong e-mail: oscar.chong@tsi-hk.com
URL: www.tsi-hk.com


ComStar Communications Ltd. Contact: Mr. Zhou Si-Yu
Room 607 Tel: +86-(010)-8203 1137 or 1138
RuiDe Building, No.5 YuMin DongLu Fax: +86-(010)-8203 1135
XiCheng District e-mail: siyu-zhou@bj.comstarcom.com
Beijing, 100029 URL: www.comstarcom.com
Peoples Republic of China  


加星通讯有限公司 联系人:周思宇
中国北京市西城区裕民东路5号瑞得大厦607 电话: +86-(010)-8203 1137 or 1138
邮编:100029 传真: +86-(010)-8203 1135
网址: www.comstarcom.com


ComStar Communications Ltd. Contact: Mr. Abel Chan
Rm. 714-716 Hualian Building Tel: +86-(0755)-8366-8113 or 8591
No. 2008 Shennan Road Central Fax: +86-(0755)-8366-7804
Shenzhen, 518031 e-mail: abel-chan@sz.comstarcom.com
Peoples Republic of China URL: www.comstarcom.com


加星通讯有限公司 联系人:陈金华
中国广东省深圳市深南中路2008号华联大厦716 电话: +86-(0755)-8366-8113 or 8591
邮编:518031 传真: +86-(021)-6374-4937
网址: www.comstarcom.com


Top Speed International Limited Contact: Mr. Leo Liao
Room 718, Flat B, Zhen Ye Plaza Tel: +86-755-22384569
Bao An Nan Road, Luohu Fax: +86-755-22384546
Shenzhen 518008 e-mail: leo.liao@tsi-hk.com
Peoples Republic of China URL: www.tsi-hk.com


光峰國際有限公司 聯繫人: 廖凡
地址: 中國廣東省深圳市羅湖區寶 電話: +86-755-22384569
安南路振業大廈B718  傳真: +86-755-22384546
電郵: leo.liao@tsi-hk.com
網址: www.tsi-hk.com


ComStar Communications Ltd. Contact: Mr. Kivan Xu
Rm. 2201 Shen Xin Mansions Tel: +86-(021)-6374-4935
No. 200 Ninghai East Road Fax: +86-(021)-6374-4937
Shanghai, 200021 e-mail: Kivan-Xu@sh.comstarcom.com
Peoples Republic of China URL: www.comstarcom.com


加星通讯有限公司 联系人:徐麒
中国上海市宁海东路200号申鑫大厦2201 电话: +86-(021)-6374-4935
邮编:200021 传真: +86-(021)-6374-4937
  网址: www.comstarcom.com


Top Speed International Limited Contact: Mr. Gallen Guo
Room 613, Building 1, No. 17 Tel: +86-(021)-3461-5068
No. 17 Wu Zhong Road Fax: +86-(755)-2238-4546
Xuhui Shanghai e-mail: gallen.guo@tsi-hk.com
Peoples Republic of China URL: www.tsi-hk.com


光峰國際有限公司 联系人:郭传成
地址: 上海市徐汇区吴中路17弄1号613室 电话: +86-(021)-3461-5068
传真: +86-(755)-2238-4546
网址: www.tsi-hk.com


LighTech S.r.l. Contact: Mr. Paolo Bonomi
Via Sora Tel: +39-02-8496-1534
24042 Capriate S.G. (BG) Cell: +39-335-637-18-79
Italy e-mail: paolo.bonomi@lightech-fo.it
  URL: LighTech-fo.com


OPT Gate Co., Ltd. Contact: Mr. Minami
2-210-1 Takasu Misato-shi Saitama Tel: +81-48-954-4377
Saitama 341-0037 Fax: +81-48-954-4378
Japan e-mail: minami@greenkonnect.co.jp
URL: www.greenkonnect.co.jp


FIBOSS Contact: Mr. Piotr Krzetowski
10-696 Olsztyn Tel: +48 89 543 73 25
ul. Czerwonego Kapturka 24 Fax: +48 89 543 73 26
Poland e-mail: fiboss@fiboss.com.pl
URL: www.fiboss.com.pl


Laser Technology, S.L. Contact: Mr. Jose Cochon
c/Mestral, 1-13-Local 8 Tel: +34-93-7500121
08340 Vilassar de Mar Fax: +34-93-7500323
Barcelona e-mail: info@laser-technology.com
Spain URL: www.laser-technology.com


Great Engineering Technology Corporation Contact: Mr. Vincent Lin
8F., No.53, Mincyuan Rd. Tel: +886-2-2945-7272 #312
Yonghe Dist. Fax: +886-2-2945-8181
New Taipei City 234 e-mail: Vincent@getech.com.tw
Taiwan, R.O.C. URL: www.getech.com.tw

巨研科技股份有限公司  : 林立章
民權路53號8樓        : +886-2-2945-7272 #312
永和區       : +886-2-2945-8181
新北市 234 e-mail: Vincent@getech.com.tw
台灣, R.O.C. URL: www.getech.com.tw

United Kingdom

Tech Optics Ltd. Contact: Mr. Mark Western
6 Tannery Road Tel: +44 (0)1732 770 466
Kent TN9 1RF e-mail: sales@techoptics.com
United Kingdom URL: www.techoptics.com

United States (Authorized Representative)

Fiber Optic Center Contact: Mr. Dave Sylvia
23 Centre Street Tel: 1-800-IS-FIBER or 1-800-473-4237
New Bedford Fax: +1-508-991-8876
MA 02740-6322 e-mail: dsylvia@focenter.com
USA URL: www.focenter.com


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