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Fiberoptic Connector Measuring Interferometers
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DORC is the world's leading manufacturer of automated interferometers and inspection equipment for measuring the surface topography of fiberoptic connectors. The ZX-1 micro PMS+ is dedicated to the measurement of single fiber connectors, and the ZX-1 micro Array+ HD can measure both multifiber and single fiber connectors. The ZX-1 micro DUET+ system can include any two ZX-1 micro optical modules and be controlled by a single PC. Click on the images/links below for more information on each system.


ZX-1 micro PMS+ Click this link if your only requirement is to measure single fiber, single ferrule or fiber cleaves.

ZX-1 micro Array+ HD Click this link if your primary requirement is to measure multi-fiber connectors, but also would like to have single fiber, single ferrule capability.



ZX-1 micro DUET+ DORC’s ZX-1 micro DUET+ is the world's first “dual headed” system, designed primarily for measuring BOTH ends of hybrid patch cords “simultaneously” using a single PC and operator. For example, both ends of a 1.25mm to 2.50mm patch cord can be measured at the same time - without the need to change chucks. Data for both ends appears consecutively in the history report, greatly reducing the time and data handling typically associated with measuring all the 1.25mm ends first, changing chucks and then measuring all the 2.50mm ends. The use of a single PC as a controller reduces the system cost while improving operator productivity and throughput. The ZX-1 micro DUET+ can be configured with any two modules from the ZX-1 micro PMS+ series of measurement instruments.



Patent Numbers: 5,459,564, 6,215,555, 6,718,099 and 9,014,528. Additional Patent(s) Pending.

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