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Fiberoptic Connector Measuring Interferometers

The DORC® PMS software supports all major measurement methods and techniques, including but not limited to IEC, TIA and Telcordia (Bellcore) standards. The primary purpose of such organizations is to ensure that the measurement methods are standardized, to the point that consistent results will be achieved - even when using different manufacturer's equipment. For single fiber connectors, three main variables have evolved into fitting regions used for the calculation of the endface geometry parameters:

"D" = Fitting region
"E" = Extracting region
"F" = Averaging region

The calculated values of all measured parameters, including radius of curvature, apex offset and fiber height will all change depending on the values of D, E & F that are used. For this reason it is imperative that when re-measuring, or verifying a measurement using another piece of test equipment, the same D, E & F values MUST be used. For your convenience DORC® prints out the D, E & F parameters used on all reports.

The following fitting region information is correct as of December 1st, 2015:

Organization "D" 
Fitting Region
Extracting Region
Averaging Region
IEC (PC & APC) 250 microns 140 microns 50 microns
TIA (PC & APC) 250 microns 140 microns 50 microns
Bellcore (GR 326) 250 microns 140 microns 50 microns


Patent Numbers: 5,459,564, 6,215,555, 6,718,099 and 9,014,528. Additional Patent(s) Pending.

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