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Fiberoptic Connector Measuring Interferometers

Welcome to DORC's Technical Support

Software Upgrades and User Manuals

To download the latest PMS Software or an extra copy of the User Manual please visit our Download Area.

Remote log-in Support

DORC® offers a state of the art remote login system to aid in troubleshooting and support. To initiate a remote session please visit our Remote Login page for detailed instructions.

Standards Watch

This page will keep you updated on the latest information from the various standards organizations regarding measurement methods and fitting regions. Click the following link to go directly to this page Standards Watch.

Obsolete Products

The original ZX-1 Array's are now obsolete due to changes in the measurement standards, with which this unit cannot comply. The ZX-1 micro and ZX-1 nano units are also obsolete due to the overwhelming customer demand that all systems be automated with software analysis. We are still supporting the original ZX-1 mini PMS, despite the fact that these units are now all 13-20 years old. It is however mandatory that any system requiring service, first be upgraded to it's most recent hardware and software configuration.

Other Support Issues

DORC® offers a comprehensive range of technical support using a number of different mediums including:

Telephone support
bullet E-mail support
bullet Remote log-in support
bullet On-site support

We strive to respond to all requests within 24 hours.

Contact Information

Use the following contact numbers and addresses to get in touch with DORC® sales, support and service:

Postal address:
Direct Optical Research Company
8725 115th Avenue North
Largo, FL  33773
Electronic mail:
General Information and Sales: sales@dorc.com
Customer Support: support@dorc.com


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