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Fiberoptic Connector Measuring Interferometers

DORC's ZX-1 micro PMS+ Configurations and Options

The ZX-1 micro PMS+ is DORC’s fifth generation of fiberoptic connector measuring interferometers! Everything we have learned over the last 25 years has been implemented into this design - and although our products have always been very reliable, any points of prior failure have been redesigned and incorporated into this new version. The ZX-1 micro PMS+ is a modular system allowing many different configurations and price points. Unlike our competitors, this allows customers on a budget to purchase a system that can grow with their needs/budget - and eventually upgraded to become the most advanced system we offer. The key to achieving this is that the “base design” is the same for ALL configurations. Competitors typically use a different base design on their low end/lower cost systems which means they can never become more advanced systems in the future.

A great deal of thought was given to which features should be made “optional” and which should remain “standard”. We have decided to keep some of the most important features “standard” - such as completely automatic adjustment of the reference mirror for apex offset calibration. Although we could have made this optional, it is fundamentally important in terms of performance and ease of use, that we felt it was a disservice to customers to make it a manual adjustment.

Based on this line of thinking, we therefore made a conscious decision to limit performance and features in other areas on less expensive versions - in exchange for significant cost savings. In particular, some missing price reducing features can be enabled in the future through software upgrades alone. In some cases/markets we may even include related hardware, hedging our bets that customers will appreciate the feature enough in the future to purchase the option.

One significant benefit to this approach is that software enabled features create the possibility of a “try before you buy”. Some features such as faster measurement speeds or inspection mode/scratch analysis can be enabled periodically for the customer to experience the benefit of upgrading.

Pricing and configuration on this system is more complex and therefore requires some explanation detailed below:

Common Considerations:

  1. ALL systems must have at least 1 chuck to create a valid configuration. The ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO includes 1 standard chuck and the corresponding “Connect ID” Reference Connector.
  2. The ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO is a standard configuration including all standard options, except extended range. NO options can be deleted on this “package” configuration. There are some cost savings in purchasing this package, compared to adding all the included PRO options to the base configuration of a ZX-1 micro PMS+.
  3. “Connect ID” Reference Connectors can ONLY be used with “Connect ID” Chucks. The use of older chucks on a ZX-1 micro PMS+ will not allow this feature to be used as the “Connect ID” Reference Connector cannot physically be inserted into older chucks. This is due to the inclusion of dowel pins that protect the delicate enface of the “Connect ID” Reference Connector if it is dropped.

Extended Range (+/- 5um): Extended range is an option on all systems except the ZX-1 micro Array+ where it is always standard. Extended range is a rare option typically only required in special cases, such as the measurement of Diamond style connectors having large fiber heights. Extended range CANNOT be installed on systems without autofocus.

Premium PC Included and Loaded with Backup: The PC option includes a premium laptop by default, with desktops and even Windows tablets available as alternative options. Currently we typically ship Intel i7 processors, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD drive, Dedicated Graphics, Windows 10 Professional/Home (64bit), Microsoft Office 2016 (32bit) and PMS 14.xx - preinstalled and configured as a “turn-key” solution. The PC also comes with multiple clones of the hard drive - one installed on the PC and one installed on the ZX-1 itself. This configuration provides the greatest level of protection from hard drive failure, viruses, deleted files and file corruption.

This is also the first time we have allowed customers to supply their own PC (by not choosing this option), however, it is not without risk and PMS is not guaranteed to work on all customer supplied PC configurations. The PMS software will be delivered on the ZX-1 micro PMS+ system itself, and can be installed on a customer’s PC that meets our minimum specifications. These specifications are currently as follows:

Intel i7
SSD Hard Drive.
Dedicated Graphics.
Windows 10 Professional/Home (64bit - US Version and language settings).
Office 2013 or 2016 (32bit - US Version and language settings).
Available USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Port.
Full HD display (1920x1080).
ALL CPU Power Saving modes disabled in the system BIOS.
Minimum overall Windows Rating of 5.5.
Internet access for product upgrades, activation and remote support

Having PMS available for installation from the ZX-1 itself, is also a useful feature that could be used by customers that initially purchase a DORC PC - in the event it should ever fail down the road. Customers are no longer forced to purchase a replacement PC from DORC. It is important to understand that if we do not supply the PC, we cannot be expected to support it!!

Automatic Focus/Auto Sense: There have been many requests over the years to allow manual focus again. Although autofocus is fast and reliable, some operators become so experienced that they can do it manually - as fast, if not faster! The ZX-1 micro PMS+ was therefore designed to support manual focus, auto focus or BOTH. Manual focus is standard on all models except the ZX-1 micro Array+. Both manual and autofocus are standard on the ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO. Customers may add autofocus as an option to lower end ZX-1 micro PMS+ configurations - either initially or as an upgrade in the future. 

RFID "Connect ID" Sensor: DORC’s novel Patented RFID “Connect ID” Sensor is the most significant system enhancement in many years. It allows many innovative new features:

  1. Instant apex offset calibration of the interferometer when changing chucks. Inserting a “Connect ID” Reference Connector instantly initiates the calibration process using a single measurement. Unique characteristics about the endface geometry of the reference connector being measured are automatically transferred to the ZX-1 micro PMS+. This unique information allows the calibration process to be completed instantly, without the need to perform multiple rotations of the reference connector - a process that could take several minutes using current methods. The autofocus option is highly recommended when using this feature.
  2. The Z stage will back itself away from the front panel automatically when a “Connect ID” enabled chuck removal tool approaches the system. This removes the possibility of damaging the interferometers primary optical window when removing or installing chucks. This feature requires the autofocus option to work!
  3. Chucks that are “Connect ID” enabled transfer information about their capabilities to the ZX-1 micro PMS+ automatically, as soon as they are installed. This allows the system to become “context sensitive” to its configuration. For example, if a single fiber chuck is installed on a ZX-1 micro Array+, it can automatically change to single fiber mode and all software menus will become truncated to include features only applicable to single fiber measurements.

Measurement Speed (Single Fiber - Phase Shifting) = <5 seconds from focus: 5 seconds is the standard measurement speed for lower end configurations of the ZX-1 micro PMS+. Although the system can perform much faster using current algorithms, after careful consideration, we decided it was more important to keep things like automated apex calibration - and make this speed limitation available, in exchange for significant cost savings. We expect both algorithms to be installed by default, so that the customer can periodically experience the much faster measurement speed option below. Rated speeds are tested with DORC’s minimum recommended PC configuration.

Measurement Speed (Single Fiber - Phase Shifting) = <1 second from focus: Current optimized algorithms can unwrap the 3 dimensional topography much faster than previous versions - even with the higher resolutions obtained with current cameras. The ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO and ZX-1 micro Array+ use these faster algorithms by default. Customers may add the faster measurement speed as an option to lower end ZX-1 micro PMS+ configurations - either initially or as an upgrade in the future. Rated speeds are tested with DORC’s minimum recommended PC configuration. Even faster speeds are possible with premium PC’s.

Inspection Mode/Scratch Analysis: Now that International standards are finally being published for scratch analysis, this is an area we expect to invest considerable time, effort and money into supporting.  Since not all customers need this feature, it can therefore be omitted to create additional cost savings. Customers may add the Inspection Mode/Scratch Analysis on to lower end ZX-1 micro PMS+ configurations - either initially or as an upgrade in the future. 

ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO (ALL Standard Options Included in a Package Price)


ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO


ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO Interferometer.
PRO package price INCLUDES: ZXPC, ZXAF, ZXRFID, ZXFAST & ZXINSPECT options, as well as a 2.50WT chuck and a REF2.50PMSRFID "Connect ID" Reference Connector.

ZX-1 micro PMS+ (Base configuration and System Options)

ZX-1 micro PMS+ ZX-1 micro PMS+ Interferometer.
At least 1 chuck must be purchased with each interferometer.
ZXXR+ ADD Extended Range to PMS + (Fiber height + 5um). XR is mandatory for measuring DIAMOND style connectors.
a) Extended Range is also known as "White Light".
b) ZX-1 micro PMS+ MUST have ZXAF (Autofocus) to use this option.
c) This option is NOT usually required for most applications!!
ZXPC ADD Premium PC loaded with PMS, MS Office & Hard Drive Clone.
LAPTOP is default PC - MUST specify Desktop option on PO!!

ZXAF ADD Auto Focus/Auto Sense. Recommended if using "Connect ID" RFID.
ZXRFID ADD RFID "Connect ID" Sensor. Required for ALL "Connect ID" Features.
ZXFAST ADD Measurement Speed (Single Fiber - Phase Shifting) = <1 second from focus.
ZXINSPECT ADD Inspection Mode/Scratch Analysis.

Accessories for all ZX-1 micro PMS+ Systems

BFH-WT Bare fiber holder chuck (125um) with tilt.
2.50-WT Universal 2.50mm V-groove connector chuck with tilt.
2.00-WT Universal 2.00mm V-groove connector chuck with tilt.
1.58-WT Universal 1.58mm V-groove connector chuck with tilt.
1.25-WT Universal 1.25mm V-groove connector chuck with tilt.
REF2.50PMSRFID 2.50mm "Connect ID" RFID "Mapped" reference connector for PMS+ systems.
PMS+ System MUST have ZXRFID to use this option!!

REF1.25PMSRFID 1.25mm "Connect ID" RFID "Mapped" reference connector for PMS+ systems.
PMS+ System MUST have ZXRFID to use this option!!
REF2.50APCRFID 2.50mm "Connect ID" RFID APC "Mapped" reference connector for PMS+ systems.
PMS+ System MUST have ZXRFID to use this option!!
REF1.25APCRFID 1.25mm "Connect ID" RFID APC "Mapped" reference connector for PMS+ systems.
PMS+ System MUST have ZXRFID to use this option!!
REF2.50PMS 2.50mm "Mapped" reference connector for PMS systems.
REF1.25PMS 1.25mm "Mapped" reference connector for PMS systems.
REF2.50APC 2.50mm SC/APC "Mapped" reference connector for PMS systems.
REF1.25APC 1.25mm LC/APC "Mapped" reference connector for PMS systems.
RECERTIFY Recertify an existing "PMS" reference connector.
NOTE: Reference Connectors can ONLY be recertified if they are still in pristine condition - NO visible scratches on the surface.
FC/APC AP FC/APC connector adapter plate.
SC/APC AP SC/APC connector adapter plate.
DIN/APC AP DIN/APC connector adapter plate.
E2K/APC AP E2000/APC connector adapter plate.
LC/APC AP LC/APC connector adapter plate.
MU/APC AP MU/APC connector adapter plate.
BSC/APC AP BSC/APC connector adapter plate.
FER/APC AP FERRULE/APC adapter plate.
BARCODE USB Bar code CCD reader for PMS Systems.
TOOLRFID Replacement "Connect ID" RFID Enabled Chuck Removal Tool.
PMS+ System MUST have ZXRFID to use this option!!
FIXCHUCK Fixed charge to repair a worn out chuck - Current style only.

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Patent Numbers: 5,459,564, 6,215,555, 6,718,099 and 9,014,528. Additional Patent(s) Pending.

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